The KaVo Nomad x-ray gun is the latest technology in obtaining intraoral x-rays through the most efficient means possible. Highly reliable, this new technology lacks the physical restrictions of the traditional wall-mounted machines. Chair-side x-rays are a convenience which benefits both patient and practitioner making for a quick, positive experience. No more in and out of the chair when the image quality is blurry or distorted. The technician is able to correct the issue then and there with a simple click of a button.

The KaVo Nomad’s x-ray technology gives your doctor sharp, clear, quality images while maintaining the safety of the patient to the highest degree. The innovative technology provides consistent and precise images. The device features a 0.4 mm focal spot and 60kV DC x-ray generator that delivers exact, repeating exposures. Two unique shielding features help block any direct or scatter radiation leakage that may occur during the procedure. These shields protect both the patient and the user. The industry-leading battery technology increases consistency in images and results.

The KaVo Noman x-ray gun helps provide a stress-free, relaxed environment during your dental experience. For fearful patients or those with limited mobility, the handheld device helps deliver superior images with minimal discomfort or strain. Call our offices today to get started on perfecting your smile with the assistance of the KaVo Nomad x-ray.