We are proud to be able to offer our patients the latest technology and top of the line imaging equipment here at Michigan City Dental. The KaVo Op 3D Pro allows your physician to obtain comprehensive, detailed images all without the need of an intraoral sensor. The means no more uncomfortable positioning and repositioning of the awkward sensor. Not only does this make the process completely free of any discomfort for the patient it also leads to more consistent imaging.

The KaVo Op 3D Pro enables us to take images in five different fields of view:

  • FOV 5×5 cm: Ideal for single site implants as well as localized diagnostics.
  • FOV 6×8 cm: Helps create a surgical guide for the dental arch as a whole, useful for multiple implants.
  • FOV 8×8 cm: Includes the upper and lower jaws, also known as the maxilla and mandibula, in their entirety as well as the maxillary sinus cavity.
  • FOV 8×15 cm: Allows for imaging of the upper and lower jaws as well as the airway and the upper cervical spine. This FOV is helpful in identifying TMJ joint disorders.
  • FOV 13×15 cm: Covers the entire maxillofacial region, extending from the forehead down to the mandibula.

The dose-control technology allows your physician to monitor the levels of exposure for each patient while obtaining panoramic images. The KaVo Op 3D Pro also has a 2D ‘scout’ image that it can take helping to ensure precise positioning. This, in turn, reduces the need to retake the image due to poor exposure. Low-Dose technology is also available to help with fearful patients or small children. This allows for a speedy process and detailed image when a high resolution is not required.

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