Patients getting their restorations done with Cerec technology are absolutely blown away by the what we can design right in front of their eyes. With Cerec, we are able to make a porcelain restoration to fit your tooth while you sit in our chair and watch. Patients are free to ask questions and supply input so that their restoration is exactly what they image.

Good Explanation

With Cerec, we no longer need to take impressions, rather, we use our scanning wand to take hundreds of pictures of the teeth needing dental treatment. Best of all, a scan takes about 20 seconds. The Cerec computer then stitches those pictures into a 3D model, which we use to design a porcelain restoration to fit into whatever tooth structure is missing. We use a milling machine to cut the porcelain in the shape of the missing part of your tooth, and then it is bonded into place. This is all done while you sit in the chair and relax. If you have a particularly colorful tooth, or if we are matching crowns you already have, there is no worry, we match it while you watch. We can hand stain a crown before we glaze it, sealing the colors into the crown, baking it in a kiln in a process that makes the color a permanent part of the crown. We have had patients tell us they were happy they needed a crown because of how great their hand stained tooth looks!