Children's DentistryOur office is very kid friendly, both for children who tag along with their parents, and who have their own dental visits! Babies will start getting their first teeth when they are about 6 months old. We encourage parents to bring their children in within 6 months of getting their new teeth. We do this to ensure that the teeth are healthy and that they are adjusting to a routine that will keep them healthy. This also helps your child to learn that trips to the dentist are fun! Once all of their baby teeth are in, children need them to be cleaned, just like grown ups. If a sneaky “sugar bug” does make a cavity, well then your child can help us “catch him” when he is small. Our goal is to make every visit to the dentist enjoyable and educational for your children. Since kids who come in are always so good, they get a trip to the toy basket at the end of their visit, where they can choose a toy to take home as a reward for their helpfulness!

Cavity Free Club

We are very proud of our cavity-free kids! Our Cavity Free Club serves as a reward system to help our young patients develop and maintain good oral hygiene habits.

Every young patient has the opportunity to become a member of our Cavity Free Club! To do this, children should take good care of their teeth by brushing and flossing twice daily. Any time they come in for their cleaning and exam with no cavities, if mom or dad allows, the children can have their photos posted to our Cavity Free Club section of our Facebook page, so that they can become famous for their achievement as members of our Cavity Free Club! If mom or dad SHARES their success on Facebook to help encourage others to be cavity free, the Cavity Free Club members get entered into a drawing to receive prizes like toys, gift cards, movie passes, and much more!

See our Cavity Free Club members here.

You can check out some good ways to care for your teeth in our cavity prevention information.

So don’t forget kids… Try your very hardest to stay cavity-free until your next dentist visit! And if you do have a cavity, you will be able to rejoin the club if you do not have cavities at your next cleaning!