Dental Implant CrownsWhat can you do when you are missing teeth in only one area? One potential option is dental implants. Dental implants can be used in almost any area of the mouth to replace missing teeth. They can be placed singly, to replace one missing tooth, or in pairs that form a bridge, to replace a series of missing teeth.

Implants have been used for decades to help patients have strong healthy smiles. They have been proven to be safe, and can be beautiful and long lasting. The process of getting dental implants starts with having the implant placed. Once the implant is secure (a process which may involve healing time) a crown is placed on the implant. The crown is made of porcelain and supported by titanium. it is custom designed to look like a natural tooth, matching your existing teeth and smile. Once your crown is placed, it can be difficult for even a dentist to tell which tooth is false by looking at them!