GuardsBruxism, or teeth grinding, is experienced by many people over the course of their lives. Often, it is done while people sleep, so they are unaware of the habit. Sometimes, there are signs, like a sleep partner hearing someone grinding, or the grinder may wake up with a headache or sore jaw. People may also grind or clench their teeth during periods of stress, like driving during a commute, studying for exams, or doing complicated or detailed work. If left untreated, years of clenching and grinding can damage the teeth by causing cracks in the teeth, or wearing away at the protective outer coating, the enamel. Once that is worn, the inner portion of the tooth is much softer and more prone to decay and wear which can eventually cause the tooth to fracture or die. The inner portion of the tooth is also a much darker yellow or brown color, which can be unsightly. To prevent such things from happening it is important to identify clenching and grinding early. We will talk about ways to modify the behavior that causes the grinding, and we will also make a clear guard that slips over the teeth that can be worn during the times when a patient is most likely to grind. This guard helps alleviate jaw pain, and it also protects the teeth from damage.