Traditional Braces

There are many types of braces, several of which we offer here at Michigan City Dental, P.C. One such option is the “Traditional” braces you probably have seen before, where metal (or clear porcelain) brackets are attached to the teeth and thin wires help to move the teeth into the proper position. Traditional braces are the most popular option for straightening teeth. Great strides have been made since they were first used, and they are becoming more comfortable and effective. Many teenagers like to decorate their braces with colored rubber bands to give them a colorful and unique smile.

When determining the best course of action to fix your smile, one of our dentists will do a thorough examination with x-rays and pictures of your face and profile. We will then decide what type of orthodontics would work best for you.

Which ever style of orthodontics you choose, you will need to come in to be seen by the dentist every four to six weeks for adjustments. The adjustments are small changes in the braces wires, elastic or other appliances that help the teeth move into their new, straight position. Braces can also be used to help correct misaligned bites including both underbites and overbites.

While wearing braces, you will have to brush your teeth often so that food and other particles do not get stuck in them. Flossing is still necessary too. If you can commit to keeping them clean and shiny, braces are a great option to give you a healthy, straight smile!

If you have any questions about braces or would like to schedule an appointment to see if you need them, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 219-874-7224.

Clear Aligners To Straighten Teeth

With new dental technology we can straighten crooked teeth with nearly invisible retainers. These retainers apply light pressure to teeth that are crooked or spaced apart, gently ushering them into their rightful location in your smile, giving you the straight, beautiful smile you have always wanted!