Michigan City Dental P.C. is proud to offer a smile scholarship for the teens and young adults of LaPorte County entering their post-secondary education and/or in the local workforce. We believe in the power of a smile. A healthy smile is important not only for physical well-being, it’s important for self-esteem! We hope that the confidence behind a great smile will help our scholarship recipients to secure jobs and opportunities to benefit their own lives as well as our local community!

We are offering to empower our young adults by providing dental treatment that will improve their lives in a meaningful way. This can mean providing necessary treatment that they haven’t had the means to get previously, or cosmetic treatment to improve the alignment or appearance of their teeth.

Interested applicants should send an email to smilemichigancity@gmail.com answering the following questions as a short essay.
1. What you would like to change about your smile? What treatment are you interested in having?
2. How will improving your dental health and/or your smile affect your life?
3. How have you contributed or how do you plan to be involved in our community?

Please include a selfie of your smiling face! We look forward to meeting you!

Fine Print:
The scholarship is open to young adults age 16 and over. It will cover the cost of treatment provided by the doctors at Michigan City Dental, P.C. The treatment plan that is offered will be determined after a complimentary preliminary dental assessment is made. The scholarship does not cover treatment that is completed elsewhere, although the doctors may make recommendations on outside treatment based on a patient’s needs. Recipients must agree to complete all customary new patient paperwork, including a photo release form that will include before and after photos. The Scholarship recipients must agree to make all scheduled appointments as prescribed by the dentist and return for a 6 month follow up after treatment is complete. Minors must have a guardian sign off and accompany them to appointments until a treatment plan is accepted. Recipients will be required to put a $50 deposit to schedule an appointment that will be returned to them if they make it to their appointment on time and complete treatment as prescribed. Each visit will proceed as such.